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Analytics for 8x8 Work Overview

Nov 8, 2020


One of the challenging task you'll run into is determining how busy your staff is with handling calls.


Maybe you're hearing the phones ring off the hook but can't quantify the volume coming in.


Or need to forecast staffing levels during peak and low seasons.


In this tutorial, I provide an overview on using Analytics for 8x8 Work which comes with the 8x8 cloud communication platform.


This is a must watch for leaders who need to make intelligent decisions that affect their business or organization.





0:00 - Introduction


0:24 - How to Enable User Profile for Analytics


1:37 - Logging into Analytics for 8x8 Work


1:55 - Company Summary Overview


8:11 - Company Summary Beta Overview


9:41 - Extension Summary Overview


10:41 - Call Detail Records Overview


11:09 - Unreturned Calls Overview


11:46 - Meetings Analytics Overview


12:15 - Final thoughts: Data Drives Decisions