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May 27, 2019

In this Episode:
  • UK's first 5G deployment from EE (0:49)
  • FCC Chair Endorses T-Mobile / Sprint Deal (4:27)
  • Qualcomm Antitrust Suit (6:49)
  • Senate Bill to support providers affected by Huawei Ban (11:12)
Why are telephone calls still the preferred method of communication when we now have free video calls? (15:46)
How should a business use social media as a tool for customer service? (19:38)
If I want to disconnect my landline (finally!) but want to keep the number (for ID purposes with various companies including credit card companies) can I transfer my Verizon landline to a Google number? (22:21)
Show Notes:
EE 5G Press Release - 
FCC endorsement -