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Jun 17, 2019

In this Episode:
  • 5G Goes Live on the Sprint Network (0:52)
  • DOJ Wants a 4th Mobile Carrier Before T-Mobile-Sprint Merger is Approved (4:27) 
  • Frontier Sells Operations to Relieve Debt (7:26)
  • Huawei Clapback Against US Ban (10:51)
  • FCC's 2nd 5G Spectrum Auction Completed (13:42)
What is the point of using WiFi when most wireless providers for phones offer unlimited data? (19:29)
Is there any real difference between phone carriers in terms of call and network quality? (23:13)
How has internet impacted your life? (26:35)
Show Notes:
Sprint 5G press release -
Frontier Operations sale press release -
FCC 5G auction release -