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Sep 26, 2019

In this Episode:
  • Elliot Management's letter to the AT&T Board (0:45)
  • Apple TV+ release information (5:29)
  • Growing Antitrust issues for Google and Facebook (8:26)
  • 5G News Around the World (13:27)
    • Hungary, China, Taiwan, US
Is moving from 4G to 5G a much bigger deal than 3G to 4G? (16:40)
Why is there such a gap between 4G and 5G? Is it possible to have a 4.5G or some sort of intermediate thing? (21:24)
Can cable TV survive the 5G wireless threat? (24:31)
Show Notes:
Activating AT&T plan letter -
Apple TV+ information -
China Joint 5G build -
Verizon 5G NFL stadiums -
Verizon 5G University of Michigan -
Sprint Smart City 5G -
Google antitrust -
Facebook Antitrust -