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How Does Cloud Telephony Work?

Jul 1, 2020

Question: How does the concept of cloud telephony work?
Answer: Believe it or not, cloud telephony has made using and managing a telephone system easier for organizations.
To understand this concept assumes you know how traditional telephony works.
Typically an organization has the following component in their office:
  • Phone system
  • Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) connectivity
  • Hard and soft phones
  • Local resources to manage the telephony environment


Traditional Telephony Network
With the exception of the phones, all the above mentioned elements go away once the transition to the cloud is complete.
Having a solid Internet connection becomes important as this is the primary source for connecting to the cloud telephony network.
Users in this scenario have their hard / soft phones logged into the cloud telephony network to make and receive calls.
There’s less of a burden to have specialized, local resources to manage telephony infrastructure with the cloud versus traditional telephony.
The organizations that get and apply this concept will reap the benefits of the cloud.
And also focus more on their core business instead of worrying about keeping the phones running.
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