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How does hosted VoIP work?

Nov 25, 2021



Question: How does hosted VoIP work?



Answer: Hosted VoIP works through a third party provider who handles servers, infrastructure, and maintenance n their own facility.


Customers of hosted VoIP service only need to focus on the devices on premise, ensuring a solid connection to the hosted VoIP provider with QoS (Quality of Service) enabled on the local network.

Your actual connection to the VoIP provider could be one of the following:

  • Public Internet
  • Private circuit
  • Wireless


Veterans of telecom might see this simply as a modern version of a Centrex solution but that’s far from the case.


The more advanced VoIP providers have redundancy through multiple data centers which could route your traffic anywhere in the world.


So your less dependent on the operations of a local telco provider.


Finally any physical connections to the PSTN go away (i.e SIP trunks, PRI) as the hosted VoIP provider handles.


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