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8x8 Video Meetings Demo

Apr 15, 2020


The use of video conferencing has exploded due to the COVID-19 pandemic which caused many around the world to work and learn from home.


While there are many tools available, this post provides a brief tutorial of how to use 8x8 Video Meetings.


Released as a Standalone component from the X Series platform in November 2019, a paid subscription was introduced bringing two versions of the software:

  • Video MeetingsFree
  • Video MeetingsPro


Video Meetings also bundled with the Virtual Office app as apart of 8x8's X Series subscription.


Regardless of how Video Meetings is being used, the software has identical functionality with some additional features available with a free account or paid subscription.


Check out this video for a review of the features in Video Meetings interface.

Go here to learn additional information about 8x8 Video Meetings.




0:38 - on screen controls


0:54 - share your screen


1:32 - raise your hand


2:11 - chat


2:48 - record subtitles / transcripts


3:19 - mute / leave meeting / turn on-off video


4:32 - toggle title view


5:00 - invite people


5:32 - share meeting information


7:08 - more actions


8:12 - settings (camera, microphone, audio)


8:34 - meeting quality statistics


9:01 - meeting participant information