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RingCentral Mitel Strategic Partnership

Nov 11, 2021


Another major cloud communication development involving RingCentral’s partnership with Mitel.


RingCentral is a leading provider in the market that is well known collaborating with other partners including Avaya, Verizon, BT and Tellus.


What’s interesting about this partnership is the terms of the deal which include:


- Exclusive access to Mitel’s customer base of over 35 million users.

- Acquiring CloudLink. A technology which provides a transition path from on-premise PBX’s to RingCentral’s Message Video Phone (MVP) cloud platform. This tech can be used to facilitate migrations from other PBX vendors.

- Mitel customers migrating to the cloud have RingCentral as the preferred UCaaS solution going forward.

RingCentral will pay Mitel $650 million for the IP and patents involving network and call management, security, and infrastructure.


Additionally, investors of Mitel will invest $200 million in equity into RingCentral.


While this is an amazing move, I do wonder about Mitel’s future.


The company’s participation in the enterprise communications market remains with supporting existing on premise customers.


With hybrid work environments, the focus for the future and cloud communications rest on this partnership with RingCentral.


Press release: RingCentral / Mitel Strategic Partnership