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Aug 31, 2023

In this episode we delve into a double-edged topic that's at the heart of financial security – life insurance and agency ownership. Jebron Thompson, owner of Thompson Insurance and a seasoned agent with a wealth of experience.


Join us as we uncover the pivotal role life insurance plays in securing your family's future and learn why it's more than just a policy – it's a promise of protection. You'll discover about the various uses for life insurance, avoid common misconceptions and gain insights on how tailored coverage can provide peace of mind during life's unexpected turns.


On top of this, we go a step further and dive into the world of insurance agency ownership. Jebron shares his journey of not only guiding clients towards financial security but also taking the reins as an agency owner. Discover the challenges and rewards of running an insurance agency, the importance of personalized service, and how agency ownership adds a layer of dedication to client relationships.


Whether you're just starting your career, a seasoned professional, or even considering agency ownership, this episode offers a unique blend of insights and inspiration. 



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