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Jul 4, 2019

In this Episode:
  • More drama as states file lawsuits to block T-Mobile / Sprint Deal (0:49)
  • Dish Network emerges as possible 4th wireless carrier pending DOJ approval of T-Mobile Sprint Merger (1:41)
  • 5G news around the world (7:07)
  • Windstream's 5G Fixed Wireless Access play (11:26)
Do VoIP phones work better (or worse) than landline phones?(17:50)
Why was AT&T broken up? (22:34)
Are you willing to buy cell phone service from your cable provider? (24:49)
Show Notes:
5G news around the world 
AT&T launches its 20th 5G service site to parts of Las Vegas for business customers -
Verizon turns up it's 3rd 5G city in Denver, CO & Providence, RI -
T-Mobile activates it's first 5G service in portions of 6 cities -
Vodafone launches 5G service covering 15 cities in Spain -
South Korea reaches 1 million 5G connections -
Windstream 5G Strategy -
Resource for "Why was AT&T broken up?" -