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What is a Hosted PBX?

Aug 18, 2018

Setting up for a dinner party
Question: What is a Hosted PBX?
Answer: Imagine that you decide to host a party. Plans were made to decorate, provide the food and drinks.
It was a lot of work but the event goes well. The thought of completely relaxing didn't cross your mind since you pulled double duty as a the clean up crew as the guest left for the evening.
Then a brilliant idea comes to you. Instead of throwing parties at your own house, you decide to have it hosted at another venue like a hotel.
Even better, you arrange for the food and decorations to be included in the hosting agreement.
When it was time to party, you got to:
  • Show up
  • Have a good time
  • Left without worrying about the clean up


Dinner party
A Hosted Private Branch eXchange (PBX) can be thought of in the same way.
The organization enjoys having a private phone system that leverages the resources of a 3rd party hosting provider.
Here’s a more technical explanation of what a Hosted PBX is:
Phone System is "hosted" in a facility outside of your organization and your service is delivered over an Internet connection. Provider owns system and maintenance. You benefit from system being constantly updated. Terms such as Cloud/Virtual Phone System fall under this category.
In the picture below is an example non hosted PBX inside of an organization. Next to the PBX is a friendly tech who helps maintain the unit along with the phone service from the service provider.
Jahmal next to Mitel PBX
Anytime the system goes down or needs maintenance, you’ll need a techs help to get the job done.
If you decide to go with a Hosted PBX solution, the responsibility of the system shifts to 3rd party provider.
Enjoy the party.