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How to Expand Your Business with Technology Service Providers

Aug 11, 2022



Question: How do IT service providers expand my business?




Answer: A great question which starts with another.


Where do you need help in your business?


Is your staff struggling with connecting with customers in this digital first world?


Do you need low latency connectivity to deliver services to your...

8x8 Work for Web

Dec 16, 2021

After an extensive beta period, 8x8 Work for Web is available for general release by 8x8.
This webRTC client of the 8x8 app has full functionality (voice, video, chat) via a web browser. In this video, I go into further details about it's use.


Check it out for yourself at

How does hosted VoIP work?

Nov 25, 2021



Question: How does hosted VoIP work?



Answer: Hosted VoIP works through a third party provider who handles servers, infrastructure, and maintenance n their own facility.


Customers of hosted VoIP service only need to focus on the devices on premise, ensuring a solid connection to the hosted VoIP provider with...

RingCentral Mitel Strategic Partnership

Nov 11, 2021


Another major cloud communication development involving RingCentral’s partnership with Mitel.


RingCentral is a leading provider in the market that is well known collaborating with other partners including Avaya, Verizon, BT and Tellus.


What’s interesting about this partnership is the terms of the deal which...

Is VoIP the same as cloud PBX?

Jul 4, 2021

Question: Is VoIP the same as cloud PBX?




Answer: VoIP, short for Voice over IP or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology that allows voice calls to take place over IP based network (i.e. the Internet).


Back in the old days, voice was delivered on dedicated telecom infrastructure.


That changed once...