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Jul 30, 2020

AT&T announced the general availability of it's nationwide 5G. Check out this episode to see how this affects consumer, business and prepaid plans on this network.


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What is VoIP? How Does it Work?

Jul 26, 2020



Question: What is VoIP? How does it work?



Answer: Have you ever used any of the following functions within the last year?

  • Voice chat during an online game (i.e. Fortnite)


  • FaceTime audio or video a friend or family member


  • Used a landline phone at work or school which was plugged into a data Internet...

Jul 24, 2020

The time has finally come as T-Mobile will retire the Sprint brand, logo and colors on August 2nd. In this episode, you'll learn more about what this means for current Sprint and T-Mobile customers. 

Sprint Brand Retirement Transcript

Jul 24, 2020


Hey wassup. This is Jahmal Abbott. Thanks for tuning in. I want to talk to you today about Sprint and T-Mobile. And that name that you just heard leading off first with Sprint, that's going to go away.


Sprint Brand Retirement Details

So starting on August 2, the Sprint brand as we know it will be going...

Advantages of Optical Fiber Communication over Electronic Communication

Jul 22, 2020

Question: What are the advantages of optical fiber communication over electronic communication?
Answer: To understand the advantages of fiber over copper based communications, it’s important to distinguish the two.
Optical fiber - a medium that transmits signals using light. Typically it’s a...